In this section, the potential of 3D PDF  Maker is demonstrated through practical experiences of existing customers. Many companies from a wide variety of industries have chosen the new technology of 3D PDF Maker to improve communication and enhance their productivity. 3D PDF files are already extensively used by companies in the Mechanical and Architectural sectors, by interior designers, product designers, to name but a few... The new technology has been spreading like wildfire thanks to its evident advantages readily uncovered by users.

3D PDF Maker is a highly affordable and efficient solution that allows users to create interactive product or service presentations from their already existing documents such as catalogues, lists, leaflets, brochures, product sheets, presentations, forms and manuals.


Among the customers who use 3D PDF Maker there are such outstanding companies as Syncro System dealing in upfitting vans with equipment and accessories they produce, AHSI Bicasa, specializing in laboratory furnishing and lab benches and, Arkham Project, the company that takes care of presentations of Architectural projects. Please click on the links below to learn their Case Studies. 


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Syncro System
AHSI Bicasa
Unical AG s.p.a
Arkham Project


  punto_elenco_arancio.png Multimedia and interactive catalogues and brochures
  punto_elenco_arancio.png Technical documents such as product sheets, technical information leaflets etc.
    punto_elenco_arancio.png Order forms, quotations and multimedia commercial offers
  punto_elenco_arancio.png Components and spare parts lists and interactive instructions
  punto_elenco_arancio.png Personalized price lists for each addressee
  punto_elenco_arancio.png Interactive product and company presentations

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