3D PDF Technology is relatively new but has been expanding exponentially thanks to the advantages users are taking of its many benefits. The 3D PDF file format is a stunning visual solution enabling users to gain rich and interactive 3D PDF documents viewable with Adobe® Reader®/Acrobat Reader DC. 3D PDF files created with 3D PDF Maker are already extensively used by companies in the Mechanical and Architectural sectors as well as by interior designers and not only...

3D PDF may come in handy for:
punto_elenco_arancio.png Multimedia and interactive catalogues and brochures
punto_elenco_arancio.png Technical documents such as product sheets, technical information leaflets etc.
punto_elenco_arancio.png Order forms, quotations and multimedia commercial offers
punto_elenco_arancio.png Components and spare parts lists and interactive instructions
punto_elenco_arancio.png Personalized price lists for each addressee
punto_elenco_arancio.png Interactive product and company presentations

This highly affordable and efficient solution enables users to create interactive product or service presentations from their already existing documents such as catalogues, lists, leaflets, brochures, product sheets, presentations, forms and manuals.

The 3D PDF solutions are customizable, versatile and easy-to-use.

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PDF 3D is a standard PDF file (the format supporting images, texts, links, multimedia content etc.) which contains one or more 3D models displayable dynamically and interactively through the free Adobe® Reader® program. The User can rotate, illuminate the embeded 3D model, make visible its cross-sections, different views, learn quotation and annotation details, which are not visible in the conventional PDF file. To create and modify 3D PDF files, you need a special software program, while to view them, you just make use of Adobe® Reader® (also known as Acrobat Reader). In the Adobe® Reader®/Acrobat Reader DC application, Users and Partners can explore 3D product models interactively, moving, zooming, rotating them and even navigating to targeted part and assembly structures.

PDF 3D is an intuitive and cost-efficient solution capable of improving and enriching your existing documents (catalogues, price lists, leaflets, order forms etc.). This multimedia, dynamic and interactive document is effortlessly created by a designer, a sales-person, indeed, by anyone who wants to get his idea across and make it explicit and realistic.

The PDF format  has become an internationally recognized standard (known as ISO 32000-1) for exchange of documents on any level. This open format is economic and secure as well as easy to consult: altogether it is the best to invest in

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3D PDF BENEFITS:         

The two key reasons in favour of usage of the new technology acquire even greater importance in correspondence to the purpose of your 3D PDF documents:

IMMEDIATE - In presentations, 3D PDF allows you to show your client something new and stunning capable of creating a great impression.
The comprehensive and appealing document, to which your client is likely not yet accustomed, will make him appreciate an interactive 3D model on the spot and have a firm and thorough grasp of it right away.

EFFICIENT - In tecnical documentation, 3D PDF makes perception of the layout and functioning of your sophisticated objects easy and clear, offering an undoubted advantage when you have to deal with maintenance and learning processes.

With 3D PDF Maker, you can create documents of any level of difficulty, from relatively simple objects or products where you demonstrate their parameters and properties to the complex models of cars, engineering systems, buildings, interior design projects etc. 

Another benefit is the possibility to use the document remotely. You can share the document still in the process of its creation with no need of printing it out. The recipient will be able to navigate the document by accessing the links, rotating and zooming the embedded models. The navigation process is interactive, captivating and gives a person a profound understanding of the project.  You will communicate in a clear and interactive way your product data, avoid misunderstanding presenting design ideas with realistic models, easily handle sophisticated engineering issues. View, interact and provide feedback without limits, your communication with everyone, your team members, partners, customers, vendors and suppliers will become faster than ever. At the same time, your project data remain protected, as the 3D content is available to your addressee only for viewing.

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