3D PDF Maker for SolidWorks®: the ideal solution for your interactive 3D PDF documents!


3D PDF Maker for SolidWorks® 

3D PDF Maker for SolidWorks® is a software application that creates 3D interactive documents in an easy way connecting directly to SolidWorks®. If you don't have the SolidWorks® software in your PC, you will still be able to process the files exported from other SolidWorks workstations. 3D PDF Maker import from SolidWorks Parts (sldprt), SolidWorks Assemblies (SLDASM), Step files, 3DXML files, U3D files and PDF. Compatible with SolidWorks 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

The fully featured trial version is free for 30 days from the moment of its installation.

3D PDF Maker for SolidWorks Video

THE MAIN FEATURES of 3D PDF Maker for SolidWorks®

punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Converter from SLDASM, SLDPRT, 3DXML, STEP, U3D and PDF
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Insert 3D models in the existing conventional PDF files
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Edit and save multiple views of a 3D model
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Edit and save the model parts visibility for each view
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Insert links in the model views
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Insert and delete PDF pages
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Rotate PDF pages
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Immediate Preview in Adobe® Reader®
punto_elenco_CELESTE.png  Add Note, Dimension, link to multimedia files using of Adobe® Reader®/Acrobat DC


3D PDF Maker is available in the following versions:

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